Free web development services for NGOs

Considering the humanitarian functions and services of a NGO’s activity, we want to be a part of any voluntary group organized around specific issues, such as human rights, environment or health or any public concerns. Because it is a non-profit organization we find it only fair to offer our web development services for free for any NGO.

We are eager to know you and the NGO you are involved in, we appreciate the efforts of each NGO. We will create the website/web page or any other web elements you may need and we are more than happy to offer our help, to promote your activity and to deliver your information to people who need it.

Don’t have a website for your NGO? You know a NGO and you think a website would bring benefits to their activity? If finances were a problem in implementing one, that’s not an issue anymore. We’ll do that voluntary. So let’s start working on your NGO’s website!