Mobile Apps

With Mobile technology becoming increasingly important in today’s world, it has become essential for every organization to invest in the mobile space. We create mobile compatible websites as well as mobile applications for various platforms like iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows and more.

Technology-agnostic, value-driven applications

We build cutting-edge mobile solutions that generate unprecedented value for our customers.
Our in-house iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 app development team have to bandwidth and skills to enable us to assist clients in the shortest timelines possible.
We focus on the underlying business processes and a data-driven user experience design combined with rapid, cross-platform server and client development. Our solutions are technology agnostic, allowing tools to work across an ever-changing variety of platforms, provide detailed analytics and integrate seamlessly with back-end systems.

Why Go Mobile?

With mobile Internet usage projected to surpass desktop usage within the next five years, having a mobile presence for your businesses is essential — for some companies, it’s even more essential than a website!

What can we build?

Every company will eventually have a mobile presence as customers and employees start to expect it. Eclipsys takes a partnership approach with customers, exploring their mobile options, including:

  • Corporate branding apps
  • mCommerce apps
  • Internal productivity tools
  • Mobilization of existing systems

Goal-Oriented Implementation

Whether you’re deploying an internal iPhone application reporting tool to your employees or releasing a consumer-facing iPad purchasing portal, it’s critical to factor the intended audience in the design. Design paradigms vary across mobile platforms, and the approach you take to maximize user adoption will depend on both the category of the solution and the environment in which it is launched.

Why Eclipsys Consulting?

Domain Expertise – Many of our clients originally considered doing apps in house; all of them are happy they sourced their mobile solutions to us. We live and breathe mobile applications and we know the ins and outs better than anyone.

Business, TechAttention to the User Experience – The user experience is critical in any mobile context. You can get everything else right, but if your mobile app is slow or even slightly annoying, attrition will skyrocket, and your brand will suffer. We have an expert UI team and performance-oriented developers who put the user experience first.
Speed of Development – We only bring on the best, most motivated developers. We also have a huge amount of IP that we can leverage for commonly used components in order to expedite development and ensure performance consistency.

Implementing a new mobile application initiative requires a deep understanding of the platforms, devices, and user experiences that are unique to the mobile environment. It’s a new ball game. You wouldn’t roll out a new company-wide software solution without consulting IT experts. Similarly, you wouldn’t make a foray into print media without a specialized print design firm.

If you are looking to enhance existing applications and take them mobile or want a new solution developed and deployed, let us know by clicking here