Web page creation for institutions (town halls)

Considering the perspective of e-Government development in Romania, we decided to provide specialized website creation services designed especially for public administration institutions in Romania (town halls, local and regional councils, prefectures, etc).

As you well know, by the end of 2008 Romanian public administration institutions should have a web page that presents to the population the public data necessary for the legislative information and not only, according to Law 161/2003.

From the researches we made, we discovered that plenty town halls in Romania don’t have a website on the Internet yet or most of the ones that have a web page don’t include the necessary information and it hasn’t been updated since its creation.

Therefore Eclipsys Consulting introduces an offer that most of web designers refused to take: A website for every town hall!

As Law 161/2003 states it, every town hall should have its own web page by the end of 2008. Town hall’s website should contain:

  • Information about the members of the hall (mayor, vice-mayor, clerks, organizational chart),
  • Data about local directions (local management services, urbanism, civil registry, agricultural department…)
  • Information about Local Council (councilmen, responsabilities of the council, commissions, directives, local decisions, normative acts…)
  • Useful information for citizens (public concern legislative news, normative acts, financial disclosure statements, press releases, projects, hearings, necessary papers…)
  • Online functionalities- automations delivered through the website (online payment of taxes and contribution, proposal and intimation forms, information and contact forms for all departments, etc).

Furthermore, the town hall’s website should contain information related to:

  • Situation of the locality
  • History
  • Population
  • Economy
  • Climate
  • Photo gallery
  • Touristic objectives
  • Economic development and investition possibilities

Online communication is a new development direction on the Internet- a new concept with high development perspectives in all commercial, social and administrative domains. Online communication adds up to public relations and communication through print, TV or radio segments. Online communication builds bridges in business environment, gathers the partners and strengthens the established contacts.

In the actual context of informational society development, the public administration structures in our country should also benefit from using this communication channel between its different structures, as well as in the social media communication process.

Developing communication channels with the “business world” is becoming more and more important both for administration, and for its clients- tax-payers, citizens, interest group, public authority.

Along with the clasic mass-media publicity, online communication is more than necessary through web.

Eclipsys Consulting Offer

We offer you the possibility of having your own website for the public institution that you represent at the best prices related to the quality.

  • The websites we will create for the public institution that you represent will be perfectly optimized in order to be easily found by the search engines.
  • The website’s design will be elegant, easy to navigate and attractive for all visitors.
  • The website can automatically take over national concern news and legislative novelties from profile websites.
  • You can write as many articles as you desire, anytime, using the control panel, as simple as you’d be writing an email.
  • You can attach images, movies, all kind of files to the articles written on the institution’s website.
  • You can have interactive online forms for completing certain requests straight on the website.
  • We offer the possibility of securing your website’s data.
  • Management and maintenance service.

How much do all these cost?

It is well known that not all websites are alike, so their value is also different. Not all the users want the same web functionalities.

According to your desires we will establish the value of your web project, after a few preliminaries discussions. The first step in this direction is completing the value estimate form. We will contact you for more details about the other aspects after we receive your request.

SPECIAL OFFER: 50 % discount until 01.06.2015